Lilla Gal

Lilla Gal

Novel biocatalytic methodology for formylation of aromatics

Host/Lead University: University of Graz
Main Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kroutil
Secondments: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen; BASF

With my background in Chemical Engineering, I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse applications of chemistry in solving real-world problems. During my studies, being a member of a biocatalysis group opened my eyes to the immense potential of enzymes as catalysts in various chemical processes. This sparked my fascination for the intricate workings of biological systems and kindled a strong curiosity about the applications of biocatalysis in solving complex challenges. Scientific interests? Well, I am particularly captivated by the potential of biocatalysis to revolutionize sustainable chemistry and contribute to the development of environmentally friendly processes. Now, when I’m not engrossed in the world of science, you’ll find me indulging in a variety of hobbies. I’m an avid hiker and love immersing myself in nature’s beauty. Additionally, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, finding it to be both a creative outlet and a relaxing activity. If I hadn’t pursued a scientific career, I might have ended up in the world of teaching. I’ve always had a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring others. Being able to guide and educate young minds, helping them unlock their potential and ignite their curiosity, is something I find incredibly rewarding.

On the flip side, there are certain things I’m not particularly fond of. I must admit that paperwork tends to dampen my spirits. I believe that progress and innovation are hindered by unnecessary administrative hurdles.

Looking ahead, my goal after completing the DN is to continue pursuing research opportunities that bridge the gap between academia and industry. I aspire to contribute my expertise and knowledge in biocatalysis to develop sustainable and commercially viable solutions that positively impact society.