Enzymicals AG

Dr. Erik de Vries

We are your experienced partner for industrial biocatalysis from mg to ton-scale with more than a decade of experience. Enzymicals experts offer their recognized expertise in the use of enzymatic processes for complex chemical synthesis, from initial catalyst-lead finding to process optimization and scale-up. Combining many years of experience in biotechnology with state-of-the art facilities, our company has success stories with many partners from diverse industries speeding up their developments. Our core working principles are high quality R&D, professionalism and customer satisfaction. By this we add value with tailor made enzymes, customized chemicals and individual process solutions and enable greener and safer manufacturing procedures.


Key expertise

Enzyme discovery, Enzyme Optimization, Biocatalytic Process Development, Scale Up



Enzymicals AG
Walther-Rathenau-Straße 49a
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