ChiralVision B.V.

Rob Schoevaart

ChiralVision designs, develops and scales-up immobilized enzyme processes for a wide variety of markets: Chiral Pharma,Intermediates, Life Sciences, Cosmetics, Food, feed, Biofuels, Environment. Immobilization techniques are developed for enzymes to facilitate their separation and recycling.
Immobilization of enzymes makes various processes economically viable by enabling recycling of the enzyme. Additionally the use of more extreme process conditions are possible for immobilized enzymes thereby increasing the technical feasibility of enzymatic
processes. The biocatalytic research performed at ChiralVision focuses on the application of enzymes in selective chemical transformations. This comprises four major topics: 1) Enzymatic process development, 2) Enzyme immobilization 3) enzyme polymer carrier synthesis or modification and 4) compounds made with enzymes.


Key expertise

For analysis of enzymatic reactions and enzyme immobilization HPLC, GC, UV / VIS, titration available.
For process development milligram to multi kilogram scale equipment (stirrers, temperature controlled reactors) is available and for production of immobilized enzymes 50 to 200 liter equipment (reactors, fridges, dryers) is available which allows for up to multi ton scale production annually.


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