October 11, 2023

Today in the Meet the DCs series…Nikita Pal!

Hey there!

I am Nikita, I joined the BiodeCCodiNNg Doctoral Network and the University of Graz, Austria this September. I am an Indian living in Europe, and I am excited to share a bit of my journey with you for the “Meet the DCs series.”

My appetite for exploring and learning got me here. Living in a new country has been an exciting experience, from trying local cuisines, goggling over the colorful buildings, and exploring the pretty streets of Graz. A little glimpse of the city (from a hill) is attached. Every day has been an adventure, from learning to navigate public transport to discovering new places. Fun incident, I was so engrossed in observing the city that I lost my way, tripped, and sprained my ankle during my second week here. 🏙️😆

Talking about work, I am trying to establish the structure and function relationships of the N-N bond-forming enzymes. I have a background in working with proteins and as for now, I am starting with the analysis and purification of a couple of these enzymes. It has been a learning experience, and I look forward to upskilling it more in the coming 3 years.

Other than work, on the weekends, when it is super quiet all around (something I am not used to yet), I indulge myself in painting and refresh my brain from the usual academic days. 🎨🖌️😜

We recently met all the DCs in person at a Training Event in Graz and I should say I am confident we will do some amazing research together and work through all the scientific hurdles as a team.

Let’s go #BiodeCCodiNNgDN!!

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