September 25-29th, 2023

Last week, our DCs gathered for the first time in #Graz, kicking off their First Training Event.

During the Enzyme Catalysis School, they immersed themselves in the fundamentals of #chemistry and #biocatalysis, particularly focusing on the N-N and C-C bond-forming reactions. In the lab, they rolled up their sleeves and gained hands-on experience in #proteinengineering and #structuralbiology, and in #Bioinformatics, they had the chance to explore the use of computational tools for #proteinmodeling and #docking. 🧪🔬🧬💻

But the fun didn’t stop there! Our DCs also got to know each other better while hiking up Graz’s landmark mountain, Schöckl.

Big shoutout to Graz University for hosting this fantastic event, and a special thanks to Prof. Wolfgang Kroutil and Karl Gruber for organizing it. 👏

And let’s not forget all the amazing presenters who made the scientific school a success: Isabel Oroz-Guinea, Ferran Sancho (Zymvol Biomodeling), Michael Christian Hetmann, Verena Resch (Innophore), Christian C. Gruber (Innophore), and all the others who played a crucial role in making it happen. 👏

We’re willing to bet our DCs are already counting down the days to their next #TrainingEvent!

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