May 28, 2024

Last week, members of our #BiodeCCodiNNg consortium participated in the 4th #NextGenBiocat symposium and the CC-TOP satellite event in Heraklion, Greece, on the beautiful island of Crete – the mythological “cradle of Europe” 🐂. In these three days, the “next gen” of #biocatalysis researchers discussed their latest research and engaged in vivid #networking 🤝. The program consisted of over 30 lectures and almost 100 poster presentations, fueling discussions, sparking collaboration opportunities, and giving enough food-for-thought until the next #symposium in Milan, Italy, 2025 🇮🇹! 

One of the invited lectures was given by our project coordinator Sandy Schmidt, who introduced her group’s research on “Harnessing the catalytic power of nitrogen-nitrogen bond forming enzymes (#NNzymes) for sustainable chemical synthesis” to the international stage. Well done, Sandy 👏! 

Among the participants were also two of our DCs, Simon Schröder (DC01) and Carina Kipp (DC02). Simon presented the results of his first year of #PhD research with a great poster 👨‍🔬. In fact, we are super proud to announce that he was awarded 1st place and the main poster prize by the scientific and organization committees! Congratulations on this great achievement, Simon! 🏆

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