October 17, 2023

Today in the Meet the DCs series…Suresh Rohan!

Hello!! Welcome to yet another episode of “Meet the DCs Series”.

I am Suresh Rohan from India and I joined the BiodeCCodiNNg Doctoral Network after completing my MS thesis in rational design of riboflavin kinases from IISER, Pune. I am posted in the city of Göttingen (which feels like a small village after only having lived in big Indian cities).

My day generally starts with chai on the quiet balcony of my apartment, followed by a short walk to the University. I am still in the process of standardizing my work schedule since a significant part of the last month consisted of “Termin vereinbaren” and “Formular ausfüllen” in the typical German fashion. 🍵📋📝

I am slowly getting accustomed to the University/Laboratory and starting with initial protein expression trials. 🧪🔬🧬 I am sure that my work will pick up pace very soon. I also had the opportunity to attend the first BiodeCCodiNNg #TrainingEvent in Graz, Austria. It was great to be able to attend the sessions and get introduced to the other doctoral candidates of the network. I am sure that the next three years will be productive and exciting for all of us!!! 


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