October 31, 2023

Hey Howzit?! I am Lindelo and I recently started my PhD at Ruhr University Bochum with the @TischlerLab.

My love for biocatalysis started off in the beautiful city of Johannesburg in South Africa and has landed me here in Bochum Germany. In these past two months, I have been adjusting from the hustle and bustle Johannesburg (Jozi) lifestyle to a more chilled and laid-back Bochum lifestyle. The city is clean and green (with multiple parks) making walking pleasant to take, especially when the weather is good. 🌳🌿🌤

I have managed to settle in very well with my working group, with a first month full of cake every other day in the office and chocolate lingering around. I am sure I have gained a few welcome kilos from that. My awesome colleagues have been very helpful from the very first day I arrived in a rainy Bochum to the very day I found an apartment and moved into the new empty apartment (very fresh start). 🍰🍫

I have been able to also kick-start the project with a lot of genome identification of novel N-hydroxylating enzymes and formate dehydrogenases. At present, I have managed to express and purify one FDH and look forward to some interesting kinetics. 🧪🔬🧬

BiodeCCodiNNg Doctoral Network also organized a well-informed and organized #TrainingEvent for us in #Graz where I got to meet the other wonderful DCs and all I can say is watch the space!

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