October 4, 2023

Today in the Meet the DCs series… Carina Kipp!

Hello and welcome to my lab space! 🧪🔬🧬

I am Carina and I recently joined the group of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology (CPB) at the University of Groningen. Since moving to the Netherlands, I have enjoyed getting to know the members of our international and diverse team and exploring the beautiful city of #Groningen with them.

Taking advantage of the good weather over the past few months, I usually walk to the lab through Noorderplantsoen before having the first of many cups of coffee during the day ☕. At the moment I am working on developing a screening method to enhance and get to know the enzyme I will spend the next years with.

Besides learning new methods and keeping up to date with literature, my senses have also sharpened to avoid being run over by one of the many bicycles in Groningen. 🚲

Being part of the BiodeCCodiNNg Doctoral Network gave me the opportunity to visit the University of Graz for our first training event. It was great to meet the other DCs in person and I am sure you will enjoy getting to know them as they are introduced here over the coming weeks!

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