Biotechnology: Study Award for a New Building Block in the Drug Toolbox

Simon Schröder has worked out how enzymes can be used to more easily form the desired bond between two nitrogen atoms. The building blocks for new drugs that help fight bacteria that are resistant to known antibiotics, for example, should be as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible. Read full article here:

New doctoral network in biology

Enzymes are indispensable in industry, for example in the production of pharmaceuticals. The new network provides a platform for doctoral students to search for new, sustainable biocatalysts. Read full article here:

Doctoral network BiodeCCodiNNG granted

The team of Dörte Rother is part of a consortium that has now been granted a prestigious doctoral network. Together with nine academic partners from renowned European universities and supported by 10 companies, she is looking forward to working on the development of novel enzyme catalysed reactions over the next 3 years. Read full article […]

EUR 2.7M for academia and industry to pave the way to sustainable organic synthesis

With EUR 2.7 million from EU’s Horizon Europe’s programme, University of Groningen has teamed up with 19 other European universities and industries in a project to decode novel reaction chemistries from enzymes that are currently not accessible with the existing biocatalyst portfolio for building important molecules such as precursors for pharmaceuticals. Read full article here: […]