June 28, 2024

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve completed my first year as a PhD researcher in #biocatalysis! 🌱🔬 It’s been an incredible journey filled with scientific discovery, #collaboration, and growth. Here are some highlights from my year: 

#ExploringEnzymes: During the past year, my focus was on #CCzymes, particularly #acyltransferases involved in the formylation of aromatics. From investigating their substrate range to unraveling their catalytic mechanisms through #crystallization, I’ve been fascinated by the immense potential of these #biocatalysts.

#InterdisciplinaryConnections: My research journey has led me to collaborate with experts from diverse fields. These interactions, including workshops organized by #BiodeCCodiNNg and my ongoing academic secondment, have enriched my perspective and fuelled my passion for biocatalysis.

#LabAdventures: Each day in the lab brought new challenges and exciting breakthroughs, and it was where I formed lasting friendships with fellow researchers. 🦌 

#FutureProspects: Looking ahead, I’m eager to contribute to the field by developing innovative biocatalytic processes, and I’m excited to share my insights at the upcoming conferences.  

I want to express my gratitude to my supervisors, colleagues, and the entire scientific community for their support. Let’s continue pushing the boundaries of biocatalysis together! 🚀 

Lilla Gal

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