March 12, 2024

Mahlzeit, Graz! 

I recently jumped on a train that took me from my home university in Groningen all the way to the Karl-Franzens-Universitรคt Graz in Austria, where I will stay for the next three months as part of my first secondment. Still adapting to the drastic change in topology compared to the Netherlands, I joined the team of Prof. Karl Gruber and my DC colleague Nikita Pal to crystallize, solve, and study the structure of our novel #NNzymes

Studying the structure-function relationship of these #biocatalysts using state-of-the-art #bioinformatics methods will help us understand their mechanisms and enable us to perform more targeted experiments going forward. This cooperation between structural and experimental biologists is just one of the many valuable synergies in our diverse and interdisciplinary BiodeCCodiNNg Doctoral Network

Wish us luck! 

Simon Schrรถder

#secondment #BiodeCCodiNNg #MSCA #horizoneurope #biocatalysis #structuralbiology #crystallography