March 24, 2024

At the start of March, I traveled from my home university University of Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology to #Groningen in the Netherlands, where I began my three-month-long academic secondment. I joined the team of Dr. Sandy Schmidt and my DC colleagues Carina Kipp and Annika Hein at the University of Groningen, where I began my work on improving the procedures for the expression and purification of the various #enzymes that I will be using during the course of my research.

Understanding the factors that affect the yield and activity of the produced enzymes and optimizing the #expression and #purification protocols will enable us to more readily produce sufficient amounts of enzymes for our studies and potentially yield valuable insights into what would make the production of our enzymes viable on a larger scale.

I look forward to seeing what we can achieve!

– Lan Julij Zadravec

#secondment #MSCA #horizoneurope #biocatalysis #biotechnology #enzymeproduction