April 26, 2024

With the arrival of April, I moved from Barcelona’s sunny embrace to the brisk and often drizzly climes of Newcastle, England. The old English local wisdom “Ne’er cast a clout till May be out” (meaning one shouldn’t shed their winter clothes before June arrives) has become a regular reminder in my day-to-day life as I adapt to the region’s spontaneous bouts of rain and sudden gusts of wind.

I have started my industrial secondment at Prozomix Limited, located in the heart of Haltwhistle, where #enzyme #biotechnology is standard practice. The focus of my role here involves the processes of #enzymeproduction, from #celltransformation, and #proteinexpression to the final cell-free extract collection. These enzymes produced here are intended to form the catalyst scaffold for my artificial #metalloenzyme panel.

Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this collaboration!

Corina Šljubura

#IndustrialSecondment #Biocatalysis #ProzomixLimited #CollaborativeScience #ResearchDevelopment