Decoding novel reaction chemistries in biocatalysis – Training Europe’s next visionaries for a sustainable future

We are a European research project decoding novel reaction chemistries in enzymes and thus to make organic synthesis more sustainable.

Training Europe's next visionaries for a sustainable future to create tailor-made biocatalysts

Our BiodeCCodiNNg project is a Doctoral Network (DN) that builds around a comprehensive doctoral training programme to educate Europe’s next visionaries with out-of-the-box thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to expand the repertoire of enzymes for industrial biotechnology.

From enzyme discovery to industrial implementation – ceating novel biocatalysts for industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology

We combine basic research and applied engineering to deliver new synthetic routes to chemically relevant products in more efficient and cleaner ways than the present ones.

Teaming up with different partners

Our network is based on a multidisciplinary team bringing together ten academic partners from renowned European universities and 10 industrial partners from all over Europe.